premises and duplex in the church square

stone skin between an interior space with complicated geometry and a public space full of life; porreres 2010

In front of the town’s church, on a curiously shaped plot that stretches backward between two party walls towards a patio, we create a building in which verticality prevails.

The program is developed on 4 floors: the basement and ground floor for commercial use, the first and the second floor for the home.

The staircase that communicates the different levels is the organizing element of the project. A piece that opens diagonals that aims to join the square space facing the church with the rectangular strip that leads to the back courtyard.

The façade does not exteriorize this inner complexity. A stone cube with a traditional composition of vertical window holes. A noble and austere image in order to leave the protagonism to the historical buildings and also to life, to people… to the experiences that each day fill the town square.