landscape improvement and information point of the Síquia Reial

rehabilitation of residual space generated by the extension of the Valldemossa road; 2010

The aim is to rehabilitate an area that has remained as a surplus after the expansion of the Valldemossa road. Such residual spaces distorted by infrastructures are one of the places that most interest us to make restoration landscaping. ere, we also have an added value since a stretch of the Síquia Reial (Royal Ditch) is visible. It is a heritage asset declared Good of Cultural Interest (BIC) that we want to revalue; therefore the project includes the creation of an Information Point with a sitting area.

Landscape intervention is based on two operations. On the one hand, rethink the asphalt and recycle the road surface of the old road; we cut it out and enable it as a garden area pavement. On the other hand, we make massive sowing to get a true green area: (1) tree mass with a lineup of hackberry and an area of ​​carob tree and pomegranate under which to sit; (2) shrubs such as the mastic bush that serves as a noise barrier and the iris to get the suggestive image of flowers that are born in the middle of the asphalt.

Coauthors: Pere Bennàssar, landscape designer and Antoni Martínez, ecologist.
Promoter, Balearic Agency for water and environmental quality (ABAQUA)